bermudaInternational Boarding Schools Fair in Bermuda

September 20 and 21, 2017

Dear Participants Past and Future,
Thank you, to the schools who joined us last fall for our 23nd year of hosting this fair in Bermuda.

To insure the event’s success, we have reserved the Harborview Ball Room at the Hamilton Princess and the crew of The Restless Native will be ready to welcome you back!

The reduced size of the group last year worked well. There will only be spaces for 45 American schools. Participating schools from last year’s group are given priority. If space is available, registration will be on a first come first serve basis. The UK group will have 20 schools joining the event.

  • The Parent Handout will be part of our pre-event advertising. I (Tory Dodge) will be in Bermuda for three weeks prior to the event and will be distributing the book to interested families, professionals and institutions.
  • Increased newspaper and radio advertising is planned.
  • Categories for schools will include: Traditional Schools, Traditional Schools with Learning Support Departments and Schools for Specific Learning Needs.
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‘I am the child’s advocate’

Tory DodgePicking the right boarding school can be a bewildering experience for parents.

Some schools are highly academic, others are good for children with learning disabilities and some are great for sports.

Educational consultant Tory Dodge has helped parents on the Island through the process for years through her company, Schools to Know.

Ms Dodge, who lived in Bermuda for ten years but has recently moved to New Hampshire, organises two boarding school fairs here each year.

“As an educational consultant we are not allowed to take any money from schools,” said explained. “That way we are not biased in the choices of schools that we suggest. In the United States there are hundreds of schools to choose from. I look at the academic background of the child and his or her emotional needs.

“I try to match the personality and culture of the child to the school. If the parents aren’t necessarily on board with that I try to explain to them why. I am the child’s advocate. That is why people hire me. If you don’t know the schools as well as I do, it is hard to make a good decision.”

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Consulting & Placement Services

Schools to Know is a consulting and placement service available in the United States and Bermuda, designed to guide students and their families in making the important choices of:

  • Traditional Boarding Schools – college preparatory schools for grades 9-12, PG.
  • Junior Boarding Schools – boarding schools for the younger child – ages 8-15.
  • Specialized Boarding Schools and Programs.
  • Day Schools Placements in the USA.Post Secondary / Young Adult Programs.
  • GAP Year – Enrichment Experiences.
  • Summer Camp and Enrichment Experience.

Placement Services Include:

  • Extended interviews with parents and students to assess needs and interests.
  • Evaluation of academic records and any previous testing (academic and psychological).
  • Referrals for further testing if needed.
  • Communications with potential schools – student summary provided.
  • Proposal of suitable schools list.
  • Guidance through the admission process.
  • Assistance with school appointments and lodging.
  • Ongoing contact with schools.
  • Follow up for up to one year.

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